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5 Things To Consider When Looking For Your First Internship - Leadership 441

As a high school or college student, one of the best ways to get ahead in career exploration and planning is to seek out an internship. An internship is an opportunity to work for a company, typically for a set period of time (like a summer or semester), and learn the ropes of the field you’re generally interested in working in, as well as the culture of a ...

Added by Lisa Johnson Blog Four Diamonds' Headlines 03/10/2022
3 Tips For Reengaging Donors (from Our Partners At PSECU) 433

If you’ve ever coordinated a charity event, you know that donors – both individuals and corporate sponsors – are key to success. Their generosity provides the money necessary to make your event happen and allows the proceeds to benefit the cause or organization you’re supporting rather than event costs.

Added by Lisa Johnson Blog Four Diamonds' Headlines 10/28/2021
Young Adults With Cancer Lead New Four Diamonds Podcast 424

New podcast gives young adults with cancer a voice to connect and share experiences.

Added by Kelly Walker Blog For The Kids® 06/17/2021