Call for Nominations: 2024 Mini-THON Diamond Awards 450

Call for Nominations: 2024 Mini-THON Diamond Awards


Nominations are now open for the annual Mini-THON Diamond Awards, which will be presented at the 2024 Mini-THON Leadership Summit. Here's what you need to know!

The Mini-THON Diamond Awards celebrate and recognize students and schools for outstanding program accomplishments that align with the Four Diamonds mission. Best of all, winners earn money that will be credited to their school’s 2024-25 Mini-THON event!

💎 Diamond Awards (The Mini-THON programs of the four winning students will each receive a $500 credit)

These awards are given to students who exemplify Courage, Wisdom, Honesty or Strength while participating in Mini-THON planning and fundraising activities. Nominations will require a brief statement and description as to why your nominee deserves the award.

Courage Award – Leadership takes Courage. The Courage to go first, speak up, try and fail and rinse and repeat, over and over. Courage is about doing for others, not for yourself, and being brave. Having Courage means being willing to persevere though adversity, and being open to trying new things, even if it means taking a risk. Individuals who have Courage are willing to stand for something that is bigger than themselves.

Wisdom Award – Leadership compels Wisdom. The Wisdom to know your audience, develop new strategies, and know when to pivot. A person who embodies the attributes of Wisdom is one who is open-minded, always learning, and who brings out the best in others. They recognize the need to grow, change and improve their school’s Mini-THON program.

Honesty Award – Leadership takes Honesty. Being Honest means acting with integrity and purpose. It means knowing your “why” and leading from the inside out to inspire others. The qualities of Honesty can be seen in someone who is genuine and transparent with their intentions and actions, who leads with honor, and who embraces the Four Diamonds Mission.

Strength Award – Leadership demands Strength. Showing Strength means tackling the hard problems, persevering despite the challenges, and trying again and again while remaining disciplined to stay the course. The attributes of Strength are found in those who demonstrate determination, bring others together for a common cause, and foster collaboration, inclusion, and teamwork.

🧙 The Christopher Millard Legacy Award (One winning school will receive a $1,000 Mini-THON credit)

This award is given to one exceptional school for the positive impact they have made on Four Diamonds' Mini-THON. This school's Mini-THON program has excelled in areas such as longevity, creativity, student participation, faculty participation, community involvement, resiliency and overcoming adversity. This school has inspired other schools by generously sharing its best practices and tips. The Mini-THON program, as a whole, is better because of this school. Nominations will require specific examples and an explanation of why your school deserves to be honored.

Excellence in Mini-THON Leadership Award (One winning student or advisor will receive a $1,000 Mini-THON credit to their school's program)

This award is given to one student or advisor who has led their school by inspiring, unifying and empowering others. They have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities such as integrity, respect, authenticity, communication, innovation, humility and accountability. They also exhibit the attributes of Courage, Wisdom, Honesty and Strength. Nominations will require an explanation of why this nominee deserves to be recognized and provide specific examples of the leadership qualities they embody.

💛 Mini-THON For All Award (One winning school will receive a $500 Mini-THON credit)

This award is given to the school that has brought inclusivity into its recruitment process, its fundraisers and its Mini-THON event. The Mini-THON leadership committee at this school has made an intentional effort to be inclusive. For example:
  • Inviting students from all grade levels to join a planning committee and ensuring that they felt welcomed and valued.
  • Asking a variety of clubs, teams and organizations from its student body to participate in or plan a fundraiser.
  • Planning a Mini-THON event which featured activities that were enjoyed by students with different interests, skill levels and social circles.
Nominations will require an explanation and specific details as to how your school made its Mini-THON program more inclusive, and will tell us how those efforts were successful.

CLICK HERE to submit your nominations. The Mini-THON awards committee will select each category winner. Winners will be announced at the Mini-THON Leadership Summit.

Nominations must be received no later than May 31, 2024.

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