Young Adults With Cancer Lead New Four Diamonds Podcast 424

Young Adults With Cancer Lead New Four Diamonds Podcast


New podcast gives young adults with cancer a voice to connect and share experiences.

To support young adults with cancer, Four Diamonds' care team created a podcast called "Life on Pause" with our young adults. The podcast provides an opportunity to connect with others, share their experience and give tips and tricks for life with cancer. READ MORE.

Getting cancer in my 20s made me think about things I never though about before - like mortality, after-effects of chemo and fertility. Talking with people who are going through the same things makes you feel a lot less alone.
-Lauren Kauffman, cancer survivor


The podcast, support in part by Four Diamonds, addresses topics such as chemotherapy and mental health to fertility preservation and relations, and all podcasts are available on your podcast app of choice, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Blog For The Kids® 06/17/2021 10:15am EDT


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