June is National Cancer Survivors Month 423

June is National Cancer Survivors Month


This month and every month, we are honored to celebrate families like Jeremiah's!

Like a lot of kids, Jeremiah loves Mickey Mouse, dinosaurs and playing with his older sister. But, when Jeremiah was three years old, he started having intense stomach pains. A visit to the Penn State Health Children's Hospital found there was a cancerous mass on the underside of his abdomen. While the mass was 99% removed, this was the start of Jeremiah's 67-week journey.

Thank to your support and advances in research, Jeremiah recently rang the bell to mark the end of his cancer treatment. Your support also gave Jeremiah the expert medical care that he needed most during a time when his family was uncertain about his future.

With your help, we'll keep fighting until all kids conquer childhood cancer.
Blog For The Kids® 06/10/2021 3:09pm EDT


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