Mission Monday:  Ashlyn Went All In For Her Toy Drive 264

Mission Monday: Ashlyn Went All In For Her Toy Drive


This month, we took a bit of a detour from my regularly scheduled blogging to highlight a little girl who just made a huge impact in the lives of patients just like her! Take a look below to see the impact East Pennsboro Middle School student, Ashlyn Brysiak made on those who have to spend their holiday season in the hospital.

Ashlyn Brysiak may only be in fifth grade, however she has found a way to give back to kids who are looking to have to spend their holidays in the Penn State Health Children's Hospital. On Tuesday, December 11th, Ashlyn got to play Santa, and make one of the biggest deliveries that a 10-year old has ever seen to the current patients! What started out as a goal of 50 toys absolutely exploded into a result that Ashlyn and her family could not have imagined.
But if you think they stopped at just over double of their goal...you should guess again. Ashlyn and her family delivered over 500 (yes, I said 500) toys to the Children's Hospital. Below are some photo highlights:
Her dad, Todd, had this to say about Ashlyn on Facebook when he was posting their results. "There is so much about our daughter that we have to be proud of. But the one thing that makes us happiest is seeing the joy in her eyes knowing that she can help others like her. Ash is wise and mature beyond her years. I guess cancer can do that to a kid. But her fight and drive to support others are beyond infectious, and it shows us how much she has learned from her own fight."
At age 10, Ashlyn is going above and beyond to give back, and also engaging her community for an almost overwhelming amount of support. I think we can all take a page or two from Ashlyn's book about community engagement, and giving back this holiday season!
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